Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fitting In

Fitting in is all about relationships. Fitting in is probably next to the survival imperative. We all want to belong to something or someone. We all want to be loved and to have friends and if we are really cooking maybe a soulmate or two. Before the invention of blogging, fitting in required everyone to have a physical presence with that other person. It was easy if you were the same gender. Not so easy if you weren’t the same gender. The problem arose because between genders there were boyfriends and girlfriends. Sure the boyfriend and girlfriend will say that they are understanding and may sincerely believe it. The problem arose because everyone has a built-in survival imperative that switches on in the presence of a threat. The survival imperative mechanism doesn’t live in the subtleties. It is all or nothing. The best solution for the survival imperative is not to have the perceived threat around. Blogging doesn’t require anyone to have a physical presence with the opposite gender. As long as you have reasonable social skills, vocabulary, and can write an understandable sentence you’re in. When you post on someone’s blog they can either reply or ignore you. Nothing’s simpler. If someone replies, you’re on your way to establishing an emotional relationship. It is unencumbered by boyfriends and girlfriends. For me, it is the closest thing you can have on earth to a relationship with The Second Lady. Unbounded, unconditional, and unfettered love!!!

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shyloh said...

Funny how one can just love another for the words the write. I now been there done that.
This was very nice alex.

Hope your christmas was all you wanted to be.