Saturday, December 03, 2005

Eyeballs or Gut????

The saving grace for most of us is that we lead essentially dull and unexciting lives. I suspect the reason for this is due to our inability to handle a full blown relationship based on personality. Most people have a relationship based on what they can eyeball. The ladies go for Pecs, Abs and a tight rear. The men for anything that looks reasonable and has boobs attached to it. A personality relationship is the ultimate wild ride. To add to the fun, it may be someone involved in one of the arts, such as acting, where success is measured by their ability to interact convincingly with strangers. You know intellectually and emotionally that everything is OK but that person on the screen seems to have chemistry with every stranger. Do you trust your eyeballs or gut???


shyloh said...

Although look do help I think going by my gut is far better. But usually with the first impression, after that we can get caught up.

I have met some very attractive men, they ended up being very ugly.

Jane said...

Shyloh, your last line is so true.

Of course you have to trust your gut... My problem is that I am trying to find the ultimate personality and in my small world there is no ultimate personality...