Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

True Love

True love comes when a soul bonds with another soul. If that doesn't happen all you have is friendship.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Life’s Three Levels

There are 3 levels to our lives. The first level is our every day 3 dimensional level. This is the level that you see through the old eyeball. The one in which you spend 99% of your time interpreting. You know how it goes. Do I look nice?? What image do I want to project??? Do I fit in??? Most people spend their entire lives on this level. The second level involves the soul. The only time most people ever hear about it is if they go to church / synagogue / whatever. The only context in which they hear about their soul involves the question, "Are you going to lose it???" I mean, like man, how can you answer that question if you know nada about it??? It seems to be important because some people in authority spend a lot of time talking about it. Some people think a soul is something that keeps us on the straight and narrow. It talks to us if we fall off / are in danger of falling off. The soul is more than that. It is our second Level "Being", our spirituality, for lack of a better word . It’s dimensionless, yet has dimensions. The third or top level involves God. The word God seems to have been overused to the extent that its’ meaning has been corrupted. We use it everywhere with little thought. God is generally presented as some fearsome short tempered person that doesn’t tolerate bad behaviour. Sort of like parents on meth. God also involves "love". Love, to most people, means that if you love me, then you will give me stuff. Love also means that I may have treated you badly but I still "love" you. Why should God get such a bad rap??? God seems like a nice person to me. I talk to her all the time. She seems reasonable. Try talking to her. She won’t bite your head off.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bottle Fed Men

There are some basic truths in this world. Of course, nothing is 100%, because there are always exceptions. But in this case the basic truth is around 99%. After thoughtful and careful study, it seems to me that bottle fed men, in general, are more sophisticated, socially useful and intelligent. It all revolves around imprinting. It seems that a duck or a goose or anything else that has to do with an egg thinks the first thing it sees is its’ mother. What happens if something goes wrong???? Let’s look at breast fed men for example. Men come out of the birth canal as blind as a bat. So far, so good. Before some men know what hit them, they, through no fault of their own, are swinging at the end of a humungus breast associating breast and food as one and the same thing. Right then and there the poor breast fed man is being imprinted. It seems to me that if a man is imprinted from birth with the idea that his mother is a giant pendulistic breast he shouldn’t be criticized for what follows. But unfortunately, as we all know, life isn’t fair. Most men, facing these conditions, become psychologically impaired. They think that love is a decent pair of Hooters. There are whole economic systems, such as beer and sports, built on impaired men and their desperate unending search for Hooters. Some of the sisters have a weak spot for those men. Ladies, they’re not a good bet. Breast fed men, desperate for Hooters, cannot comprehend that sometimes the sisters are too exhausted from work, cooking, raising the kids and doing the housework. "Not tonight" becomes a ringing death bell for these men. Breast fed men have feelings of desperation. They invest a lot of energy in trying to maintain a relationship, but these men can only do so much to overcome "Not tonight". Breast fed men start to lose confidence. Self esteem / self worth becomes an issue. Now, I really shouldn’t try to advise the sisters, but it seems to me, if you are looking for a long term relationship, then the intelligent and logical thing to do is to find a bottle fed man. Fortunately, for the sisters, they don’t have to be put in the awkward position of asking the question on the first date. Just observe.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trust, Faith & Other Impossibles

It all starts out when we are born. Down the old chute on automatic because we don’t know from nothing. No automatic pilot, no future. Our first introduction to reality is a slap on the behind to get us started. The next thing someone comes along with a humungus pair of scissors and snips off the old feeding tube. After that someone takes a look at my privates without reading me my rights. It’s also colder than hell in this place. I just want to crawl back up that long slide and be cozy again. Looking back on that experience I think it is the source of all my lack of trust and faith. The insincerest thing I hear is how cute and cuddly I am after everyone has violated me. I’ve lost complete trust and faith in everything. I find that I can’t literally take one step at a time and get out of here. I’m completely dependent on these obviously sadistic creatures. The next thing that happens is that I’m lifted towards a gigantic swinging pendulum that will take my head off if it hits me. The first ½ hour of life and psychologically damaged for life. Is this what it is all about????

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Science Fiction Has Taught Me About Life

If you think seriously about life for a moment, the most important thing you need to know is if something is alive or dead. You definitely need this information to date effectively. Here are some pointers taken from science fiction:

1. The object of your attention has to have the ability to recognize your existence. There are various ways to recognize something exists, but the most common way is through eyesight. If you are in the market, it is necessary to examine his / her eyes to see if there is any life. It is a window to the soul thing. You know how it goes, no soul equals no nothing.

2. Does the object of your attention have opposable thumbs??? After all you don’t want the psychological impression that you are being grabbed by the scruff of the neck in those heated moments of deep understanding.

3. Language is very important. There has to be some means of communication. Presumably the object of your affection has mastered the subtleties of "Duh" and is ready to move on. I mean, let’s face it, to be successful, you have to repeat yourself in various ways to maintain the illusion of attention and progress. Sort of the same process used in bringing up children with suitable modifications.

4. Culture is very important. It is a ritualistic way of passing information on to future generations. Sort of a Berlitz book on getting it right. It is also very important in the parent approval process in case you need money for a wedding.

Lastly, there is a rare form of communication that generally happens out of the blue which I like to call the "Duh Factor". It is very difficult to explain without sounding genetically stupid. For those that are unfamiliar with the process it generally goes like this. You’re sitting around, with your brain in neutral. Something happens for no intelligently discernible reason. You, for some undeserving reason have skipped 1 to 4 above. Something that --- and you will have to trust me on this "just is".

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

God Does Kiss

I’ve been thinking about the Theory Of Everything. In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a theory that says there is a mathematical formula which explains everything in this universe as long as you can plug in the right numbers. I haven’t a clue about that formula. My writing has been about a lot of God’s trees in her mighty forest. Basically, I, being highly curious, have been trying to understand the principles on which she built our universe. So far I’ve learned that, like us, she isn’t interested in doing a lot of work. She wants a self sustaining universe so she has constructed mechanisms to keep it running. She uses something equivalent to a vacuum cleaner to keep the universe tidy. She uses randomness, order and chaos to keep things from becoming boring for you and I. She has organized various professions that accent different principles so you and I can use those concepts or even modify them for use somewhere else. She has provided us with plants and animals so we can apply their living principles to our lives. The essence of God’s genius, is that she has taken a simple concept that can be mechanized, modified and applied to problems. Love is an example. People say they "love" doing this or that. We have a love industry that can satisfy horizontal needs. We love someone. God loves us. God kisses us. In her simplest application, kiss means "keep it simple stupid". In its’ complex form it’s God’s kiss for doing good work.. That kiss has a WOW factor that still has me in a daze, incoherent, and nonfunctional.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Life Is Based On Ducks

My life is based on Duck Principles. I’m a procrastinator which is just like ducking. I like to maintain a cool, unruffled exterior, with all my feathers neatly in place. Sometimes, however, through no fault of my own, I get into a flap. I’m curious, which means I’m furiously paddling underneath to keep up. I like to see what’s going on so I’m generally found at the back of any line. I enjoy writing which is basically stringing words and thoughts into a line which seems to me, on reflection, based on duck genes. I don’t talk much because I can sense things. Once again, I seem to have a navigational system that is genetically duck based as I seem to eventually "get" somewhere anyway. I have a built in grasp of the principle of investments because I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I think financial people call it diversification. I waddle when I walk. That way I present a moving target both laterally and vertically so I’m harder to hit or even figure out because no one knows what is coming next including me. I tuck my face into my armpit like a duck and fall asleep. My answer to everything in life is a simple, yet demonstrative "quack, quack". I’m always dipping into the water to see if something is headed my way. I never look behind because what is past is past. To me, it is logical that if God had wanted me to look behind, I’d have eyes in the back of my head. Now if I could only find my galoshes I’d go out and get into the hot tub.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Something In Nothing

I like thinking about life. I’m also fascinated by why things work. I also like a good mystery, but I’m never able to figure out what is going to happen next. Sometimes in life, as we all well know, something happens that is wonderful and has no rational 3 dimensional reason for existing. When this happens you and I usually start digging around in our 3 dimensional illusionary existence to see why it happened. Usually, that examination brings up nada. Most of us stop there, forgetting that we have another life called Forms Of Reality. Don’t ask me to explain it because I’m clueless. It just exists one level above our illusions which is generally defined as "life". I suspect that God has a lot to do with its’ existence. I like to think our Forms Of Reality are a series of railway tracks between God and us. God is the headlight on each of our Forms Of Reality Train as they go down that track. That movement of our personal trains gives us a life that is always moving forward. If we have her as our headlight it is less likely that we are going to get into any permanent doodoo. Since she provides us with such a large headlight sometimes we can’t see around her and all the way down the track. You may be able to glimpse an oncoming light that human nature automatically thinks is another train. She knows she is taking you towards the Light. I guess this is the origin of the saying "Just Keep the Faith Baby".

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Second Lady

Most men carry around a small boy inside of them. It sort of just exists. Sometimes we do things and get into trouble with women. Women have a nurturing gene which means that they are generally sympathetic to small boys no matter where they are located. My problem started, as most problems do, rather innocently. I was sitting here one day and it suddenly occurred to me that God has just got to be a woman. I proceeded to post about my theory and the more I wrote, the bolder my comments got. Being a man, I naturally thought if I wasn’t struck down God sort of agreed. Sorry pal. I don’t know if my readers are up on women so here is a simple truth. Women handle things very subtly. If you are a man who has a girl friend, significant other, or is married you know what I mean. You would think that I, being a man, would be smart enough to realize if you irritate a woman who has designed the universe and has "life" experience from year 0 you could be asking for trouble big time. My present predicament sort of reminds me of what happened to the mythical gods that got out of line. You probably know how the story goes. One god irritates the other gods. The other gods gang up on the one god. Gods aren’t allowed to kill gods so they bring in a gorgeous chicky poo who was basically a chattel in those years and have the god fall in love with said chicky poo. The kicker is that if said god approaches said chicky poo in any way the god loses his eternity. A neat solution to a problem. If we modernize the story the now outstandingly gorgeous woman becomes a modern self sufficient woman well able to look after herself. What the second lady did was brought a soulmate into my life. That in itself isn’t bad, because, generally speaking, I can pine away with no one being the wiser. Unfortunately the second lady took it a step further. She went and switched on the modern woman’s soulmate gene. Here’s the kicker. If two soulmate genes are switched on, you now have two life forces zipping back and forth between two people. So now I’m in the old god position of look, communicate, but don’t touch plus the responsibility of looking after the innocent person’s life force. So here am I bathing away in the midst of someone’s tremendous life force, and walking around in a fog. Come to think about it, that ain’t a bad way to live!!! Maybe God thinks I’m going good after all!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of the great anguishes in life is trying to decide what exactly is a soulmate. A soulmate is not a good friend, even though they may share a lot of similar characteristics. You may have more than one friend so you may, if you are lucky, have more than one soulmate. The definition of a soulmate that appeals to me is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as through the communicating that takes place between us were not the product of intentional efforts , but rather a divine grace. It is something that is just there whether we like it or not. To me it is like a mind meld of two Forms Of Reality into one. A soulmate is someone that puts you first no matter what contrary to our 3 dimensional survival imperative. The other person’s Forms Of Reality are what comes first and your Forms Of Reality are secondary. If you are soulmates you tend not to argue because both of your independent Forms Of Reality are fully integrated to act as one. You cannot create a soulmate by living together or by spilling your most intimate details. In fact, a soulmate may never know you in any detail. A soulmate just "knows" your Forms Of Reality.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Be Bop

Everyone bandies "Love" around as a cool / sophisticated topic. Gallons of agonizing ink is spilled on the subject. Even the perennial Jack Daniel’s puts in a word. Soulmate is the operative word. If people are truly connected nothing will keep them apart. Both of you exist in Forms Of Reality. Forms Of Reality is really Heaven by another name. The nice thing is that God has decided to let everyone have more than one soulmate. It’s more than "if one is seeking the soul-mate within". Sometimes God gets sick and tired of twiddling her thumbs waiting for one’s "progress". She sets up a series of events so that a soulmate comes along and bops you on the head. It can be an earth shattering experience. God has decided to take you into her "Substance of Being". God has decided to "be bop" you. She says you have to take it as an "Article Of Faith". It’s "Be Bop (A lulu) Time"!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Love, Illusion & Reality

Illusion is visible and Reality has form. It’s like love which has 2 people with integrated interests and one soul inside an intertwining form in a misty reality. You know your love is real and has form but you can’t explain it because it resides on a border between form and formless. Your friends notice that you have changed. They want to know why. Your friends may not understand your reality because to them it appears as a visible illusion. Sometimes, for no rational reason, you fall in love with someone whom you have never seen. This ultimate love is the one that you know has a grip on you, is for keeps whether you like it or not, has a very real and lasting effect, drives you nuts, can’t be explained, is impervious to whether you marry someone else, and generally causes a gigantic headache. If your friends have noticed you have changed they will naturally want to know why. If you tell them you are madly in love with a Form of Reality that is ethereal you will be inundated with every person that ever crossed your path. The word goes out and former significant others will want you to have lunch with them. Your former significant others will tell you that even though your and their relationship ended, you and they will be friends forever. When the time is right they will tell you that you are nuts. Your girl friends will wonder what has happened to someone that is bright, intelligent, incisive, and insightful. All you can do is sit there and smile because deep down you know your Life Force has connected with another mysterious and wonderful Life Force. That is all that can be said no matter how hard you try.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Will We Pass???

We’re all in a symbiotic relationship with God. There are many steps but the first one is to cement a relationship between our visible matter filled illusions and our invisible formed Reality. God has given us the tools and has agreed to assist us if we are prepared to provide the sweat. We have the ability to develop insightful relationships with our Reality and God. Life on earth, at its’ simplest, is a field test for all of us. If we get it right we pass. If we don’t, we get to take "earth" all over again. All we can do is keep our wits and unconditionally help each other. Life on earth is where we learn in order to take the next step. We have randomness, order, and chaos to provide the adventure and challenges. We have Freedom Of Choice. We have consequences, both good and bad. That is us, you and I!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Each of us have 3 levels of existence. The first level is the world we exist in now. It’s illusionary in the sense that our ego / consciousness defines how we interpret incoming information. Our ability to interpret the incoming information is largely proportional to our life experiences, mental gifts, and insight. Our 2nd level is Life Force. Life Force is the Soul’s Reality. The 3rd level is God. Each level is more powerful than the last. Your 2nd level Life Force, functioning in Reality, is a converter / interpreter between your illusionary first level and God. Your 2nd level Life Force may also have an independent existence and relationships with other Life Forces that are beyond a 1st level’s illusionary understanding or sometimes, even knowledge. I have a strong nagging feeling that God has started to recruit and train individuals to work in the area between illusion and reality. It will not be easy.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Fun House

I went to a fun house the other day. For those that don’t know what a fun house is, it’s a house filled with curved mirrors that create illusions by distorting your physical persona. The most interesting thing about the fun house was the frames that held the mirrors. These frames followed the curve of the mirrors in two dimensions. I looked at the other people in the room and reality told me that they hadn’t changed physically. I couldn’t look at myself, so I worked on the assumption that I wasn’t the only weird person, physically speaking, in the room. I was also comforted by the thought that God, like us, doesn’t like to do a lot of unnecessary work, so in all probability I was similar to everyone else. It sort of reminded me of life. Two dimensionally we all live in frames. Three dimensionally we live in cubic space. Perhaps you have heard of people getting all hot and bothered about something or other invading their space. Each of us interpret our world from inside our personal space. Our personal tool box to interpret what we see is of various quality and quantity, usually proportional to our life experiences, mental gifts and physical appearance because most people’s space runs on eye appeal. God, being fair, has developed a system to bring the information to our personal space at the same speed. She, being wise, has installed a Life Force which usually exists outside our personal space. It acts as a conduit between God and you and I in our personal space. A Life Force is similar too, but not exactly equivalent to, your ego / consciousness. Your ego / consciousness is a personal space based interpretation of you. Your Life Force is usually a complete stranger to your ego / consciousness. For most people, it is a surprise that they are even hauling around a Life Force. Your Life Force lives in a world of infinite reality. It is generally out there doing its’ own thing and looking for action with other Life Forces. Occasionally, our Life Force, finds another Life Force and the frolicking begins. The forces existing between Life Forces are infinite and sometimes your personal space is dragged around with the fun. The next thing you know is that your personal space is all distorted and you, for whatever, unfathomable reason get dragged into the action. A wise and deep person once told me that "I am what I seek." I suppose, based on that imparted wisdom that I should talk to my Life Force, but hell, It’s so much fun!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Desire is found on many levels. The first level is our 3 dimensional existence. We "desire" fame, fortune, success, money and the love of a beautiful man / woman. We pray to God / Source Of All Things for material benefits to satisfy our ego / consciousness. Sometimes we get into various pots of water and pray to God to get us off the hook. Sometimes she does & sometimes she doesn’t. Life is a learning process (isn’t it ??) and sometimes we have to "sweat" to reach the next level. Sometimes, we go beyond prayer in a formal setting and just talk to God as we walk along doing our 1st level activities. During those conversations, we may inadvertently make suggestions to God about our life in a non wanting / pleading way. Sometimes, through a series of seemingly unconnected events over God’s "Time", God brings that off hand suggestion into our 3 dimensional reality. Sometimes, God comes to you through your Life Force and says "I’ll take you on a wondrous journey helping others. I’ve given you a powerful skill set. Be careful how you use it as it carries great responsibility. There will be no glory and sometimes the walk will be difficult. You may not always see me, maybe even feel abandoned, but I’ll be there." And the journey began!!