Sunday, October 09, 2005

Be Bop

Everyone bandies "Love" around as a cool / sophisticated topic. Gallons of agonizing ink is spilled on the subject. Even the perennial Jack Daniel’s puts in a word. Soulmate is the operative word. If people are truly connected nothing will keep them apart. Both of you exist in Forms Of Reality. Forms Of Reality is really Heaven by another name. The nice thing is that God has decided to let everyone have more than one soulmate. It’s more than "if one is seeking the soul-mate within". Sometimes God gets sick and tired of twiddling her thumbs waiting for one’s "progress". She sets up a series of events so that a soulmate comes along and bops you on the head. It can be an earth shattering experience. God has decided to take you into her "Substance of Being". God has decided to "be bop" you. She says you have to take it as an "Article Of Faith". It’s "Be Bop (A lulu) Time"!!


shyloh said...

Jack Daniel’s Another of my favorites. UMMM!!!

Forms Of Reality is really Heaven by another name.

Yes Alex, that is a truth for me anyway. Heaven on earth. But within.

Life is full of shattered dreams. I thought I found my soul-mate ONCE!
I still have not gotten over that. as you know.

I feel as if I deceived myself into believing it was true. He "knew" it was true."also" SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what happened? And Then others want me to "trust" "have faith" When I bared my soul to love so deeply and then was so shattered that the pieces cannot be put together again.

Oh I want to. I so want to. BUT!!!

shyloh said...

PS: It's not hurtful that we are no longer togeter. I actually never met him in person. What is hurtful is I really did deceive myself. I am crying now just telling you this. (sniff)

I loved his words, I loved what he said to me, all the plans. OHWELL. The poem "Confession of a shy woman" was true.

shyloh said...

I wonder if my comments should
be deleted??

shyloh said...

I know that The Spirit has not left me nor forsaken me. It is I who has done all these things.

I am a healer, a very good one at that. The Spirit uses me so greatly. And for that I am so grateful. While teaching classes. One thing I never teach on and that is relationships. Only because I fail at it haha. So When one asks me about how to make things better. I tell them. I haven't a clue. All I know is it is the memory that will keep hurting. And to let it go. But that is what I have been working on for so long. In time.

Thank you for being you. For listening to me whine. Believe it or not I don't talk to to many like this.

shyloh said...

So now where do we go from here Alex?

What I ever wanted or needeed is here is my arms. but seems so distance>

rhein said...

great post, reality, it's for the birds, the dream can be so much more fun...

chin up, guys.