Thursday, October 06, 2005

Will We Pass???

We’re all in a symbiotic relationship with God. There are many steps but the first one is to cement a relationship between our visible matter filled illusions and our invisible formed Reality. God has given us the tools and has agreed to assist us if we are prepared to provide the sweat. We have the ability to develop insightful relationships with our Reality and God. Life on earth, at its’ simplest, is a field test for all of us. If we get it right we pass. If we don’t, we get to take "earth" all over again. All we can do is keep our wits and unconditionally help each other. Life on earth is where we learn in order to take the next step. We have randomness, order, and chaos to provide the adventure and challenges. We have Freedom Of Choice. We have consequences, both good and bad. That is us, you and I!!!

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shyloh said...

is a field test for all of us This is really grand!
you have such a way with words. And I ma so impressed. This world will alway be this world I am afraid. So we must change out world. You have yours I have mine.