Sunday, October 16, 2005

Something In Nothing

I like thinking about life. I’m also fascinated by why things work. I also like a good mystery, but I’m never able to figure out what is going to happen next. Sometimes in life, as we all well know, something happens that is wonderful and has no rational 3 dimensional reason for existing. When this happens you and I usually start digging around in our 3 dimensional illusionary existence to see why it happened. Usually, that examination brings up nada. Most of us stop there, forgetting that we have another life called Forms Of Reality. Don’t ask me to explain it because I’m clueless. It just exists one level above our illusions which is generally defined as "life". I suspect that God has a lot to do with its’ existence. I like to think our Forms Of Reality are a series of railway tracks between God and us. God is the headlight on each of our Forms Of Reality Train as they go down that track. That movement of our personal trains gives us a life that is always moving forward. If we have her as our headlight it is less likely that we are going to get into any permanent doodoo. Since she provides us with such a large headlight sometimes we can’t see around her and all the way down the track. You may be able to glimpse an oncoming light that human nature automatically thinks is another train. She knows she is taking you towards the Light. I guess this is the origin of the saying "Just Keep the Faith Baby".


shyloh said...

Sometimes I want to know what will happen next, then sometimes I don't, then once we do find out I wish I didn't haha.

I guess it all goes back to creating out worlds. I screwed mine up a lot ha.

My train always seems to jump a few tracks. OH HOW SILLY!!

Jane said...

Just keeping the faith is keeping us all going, baby.

I can't wait for you to figure it all out Alex