Monday, October 03, 2005

The Fun House

I went to a fun house the other day. For those that don’t know what a fun house is, it’s a house filled with curved mirrors that create illusions by distorting your physical persona. The most interesting thing about the fun house was the frames that held the mirrors. These frames followed the curve of the mirrors in two dimensions. I looked at the other people in the room and reality told me that they hadn’t changed physically. I couldn’t look at myself, so I worked on the assumption that I wasn’t the only weird person, physically speaking, in the room. I was also comforted by the thought that God, like us, doesn’t like to do a lot of unnecessary work, so in all probability I was similar to everyone else. It sort of reminded me of life. Two dimensionally we all live in frames. Three dimensionally we live in cubic space. Perhaps you have heard of people getting all hot and bothered about something or other invading their space. Each of us interpret our world from inside our personal space. Our personal tool box to interpret what we see is of various quality and quantity, usually proportional to our life experiences, mental gifts and physical appearance because most people’s space runs on eye appeal. God, being fair, has developed a system to bring the information to our personal space at the same speed. She, being wise, has installed a Life Force which usually exists outside our personal space. It acts as a conduit between God and you and I in our personal space. A Life Force is similar too, but not exactly equivalent to, your ego / consciousness. Your ego / consciousness is a personal space based interpretation of you. Your Life Force is usually a complete stranger to your ego / consciousness. For most people, it is a surprise that they are even hauling around a Life Force. Your Life Force lives in a world of infinite reality. It is generally out there doing its’ own thing and looking for action with other Life Forces. Occasionally, our Life Force, finds another Life Force and the frolicking begins. The forces existing between Life Forces are infinite and sometimes your personal space is dragged around with the fun. The next thing you know is that your personal space is all distorted and you, for whatever, unfathomable reason get dragged into the action. A wise and deep person once told me that "I am what I seek." I suppose, based on that imparted wisdom that I should talk to my Life Force, but hell, It’s so much fun!!


JT said...

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shyloh said...

No matter what form one takes on, one is being one's self. We are just forms nothing physical, unless your reality tells you that. And I don't see you as being weird at all.

You are that which you seek. So have fun with YOU and enjoy all that life brings. Even through the bad forms.

rhein said...

sometimes out in the world, outside of my house, it seems it's all a fun house! but sometimes it's all pretty normal, so it must be in my head.