Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Each of us have 3 levels of existence. The first level is the world we exist in now. It’s illusionary in the sense that our ego / consciousness defines how we interpret incoming information. Our ability to interpret the incoming information is largely proportional to our life experiences, mental gifts, and insight. Our 2nd level is Life Force. Life Force is the Soul’s Reality. The 3rd level is God. Each level is more powerful than the last. Your 2nd level Life Force, functioning in Reality, is a converter / interpreter between your illusionary first level and God. Your 2nd level Life Force may also have an independent existence and relationships with other Life Forces that are beyond a 1st level’s illusionary understanding or sometimes, even knowledge. I have a strong nagging feeling that God has started to recruit and train individuals to work in the area between illusion and reality. It will not be easy.

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shyloh said...

Sweet Alex,

What is your interpretation of illusion and Reality or even reality for that matter?

Illusion is matter, but Reality is forms. Come out from among them and you shall know the truth.