Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of the great anguishes in life is trying to decide what exactly is a soulmate. A soulmate is not a good friend, even though they may share a lot of similar characteristics. You may have more than one friend so you may, if you are lucky, have more than one soulmate. The definition of a soulmate that appeals to me is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as through the communicating that takes place between us were not the product of intentional efforts , but rather a divine grace. It is something that is just there whether we like it or not. To me it is like a mind meld of two Forms Of Reality into one. A soulmate is someone that puts you first no matter what contrary to our 3 dimensional survival imperative. The other person’s Forms Of Reality are what comes first and your Forms Of Reality are secondary. If you are soulmates you tend not to argue because both of your independent Forms Of Reality are fully integrated to act as one. You cannot create a soulmate by living together or by spilling your most intimate details. In fact, a soulmate may never know you in any detail. A soulmate just "knows" your Forms Of Reality.


shyloh said...

Sometimes one doesn't have to say a thing but just knows what the other is thinking. Now that's deep ha. Lots of people think they have found "their" soul-mate. But I suppose in reality it wasn't so. If it were nothing would come between them. And yes, you do put your soul mate first. It should be that in any relationship, but far to often most are selfish.

This was very good Alex. You know your soul-mate (smile)

Jane said...

It is a great anguish... Is there more then one soul mate? What if you were born with one? What if you lost one? So many possibilities - I think there has to be half-soul mates, like demi ones that you can feel when you look at them a sinking into their soul...

I like how simple and compact this one (and no confusing numbers ;)