Friday, October 07, 2005

Love, Illusion & Reality

Illusion is visible and Reality has form. It’s like love which has 2 people with integrated interests and one soul inside an intertwining form in a misty reality. You know your love is real and has form but you can’t explain it because it resides on a border between form and formless. Your friends notice that you have changed. They want to know why. Your friends may not understand your reality because to them it appears as a visible illusion. Sometimes, for no rational reason, you fall in love with someone whom you have never seen. This ultimate love is the one that you know has a grip on you, is for keeps whether you like it or not, has a very real and lasting effect, drives you nuts, can’t be explained, is impervious to whether you marry someone else, and generally causes a gigantic headache. If your friends have noticed you have changed they will naturally want to know why. If you tell them you are madly in love with a Form of Reality that is ethereal you will be inundated with every person that ever crossed your path. The word goes out and former significant others will want you to have lunch with them. Your former significant others will tell you that even though your and their relationship ended, you and they will be friends forever. When the time is right they will tell you that you are nuts. Your girl friends will wonder what has happened to someone that is bright, intelligent, incisive, and insightful. All you can do is sit there and smile because deep down you know your Life Force has connected with another mysterious and wonderful Life Force. That is all that can be said no matter how hard you try.


Jane said...

This was really interesting...

For example I asked a girl about the once new boy because she went to school with him.

"So tell me about P. Is he a complete weirdo?"
"P. No, I wouldn't say that he was weird... Well, he, that boy just lives in some really strange world."

When I told my friend about that little conversation and how it finally highlighted by devoted attention to him for several months (the dalliance has ended I believe)she said, "Well, he sounds a lot like someone I know!"

It's so strange when realities are rejected or stared into or opened up for people to see. I think it's wonderful when you can mix outside reality with your reality, the effects have been very nice.

shyloh said...

If two are truly connected nothing will keep them apart. Distance has no miles, no boundries. They will be togeter. Only if one is seeking the soul-mate within. One can marry a physical being but it will not last due to they will separate in time.

What is love anyway? I have a hard time with that one. I know what it means to me. But others say it but
never mean it. I have a very low trust level at this point in my life.