Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trust, Faith & Other Impossibles

It all starts out when we are born. Down the old chute on automatic because we don’t know from nothing. No automatic pilot, no future. Our first introduction to reality is a slap on the behind to get us started. The next thing someone comes along with a humungus pair of scissors and snips off the old feeding tube. After that someone takes a look at my privates without reading me my rights. It’s also colder than hell in this place. I just want to crawl back up that long slide and be cozy again. Looking back on that experience I think it is the source of all my lack of trust and faith. The insincerest thing I hear is how cute and cuddly I am after everyone has violated me. I’ve lost complete trust and faith in everything. I find that I can’t literally take one step at a time and get out of here. I’m completely dependent on these obviously sadistic creatures. The next thing that happens is that I’m lifted towards a gigantic swinging pendulum that will take my head off if it hits me. The first ½ hour of life and psychologically damaged for life. Is this what it is all about????


Jane said...

Sounds about accurate to me.

shyloh said...

haha this was sooooo cool ha. And so true.