Wednesday, October 19, 2005

God Does Kiss

I’ve been thinking about the Theory Of Everything. In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a theory that says there is a mathematical formula which explains everything in this universe as long as you can plug in the right numbers. I haven’t a clue about that formula. My writing has been about a lot of God’s trees in her mighty forest. Basically, I, being highly curious, have been trying to understand the principles on which she built our universe. So far I’ve learned that, like us, she isn’t interested in doing a lot of work. She wants a self sustaining universe so she has constructed mechanisms to keep it running. She uses something equivalent to a vacuum cleaner to keep the universe tidy. She uses randomness, order and chaos to keep things from becoming boring for you and I. She has organized various professions that accent different principles so you and I can use those concepts or even modify them for use somewhere else. She has provided us with plants and animals so we can apply their living principles to our lives. The essence of God’s genius, is that she has taken a simple concept that can be mechanized, modified and applied to problems. Love is an example. People say they "love" doing this or that. We have a love industry that can satisfy horizontal needs. We love someone. God loves us. God kisses us. In her simplest application, kiss means "keep it simple stupid". In its’ complex form it’s God’s kiss for doing good work.. That kiss has a WOW factor that still has me in a daze, incoherent, and nonfunctional.


shyloh said...

That is an interesting way of looking at things. Considering I am that I am she. What you have described is me. ha.

Now the One and Only I will never figure out. Yes the "Kiss" Keep it simple stupid. So again,

We live and move and have our being. That is simple.


Kate Da Great! said...

I'd never thought about it that way. I guess if there is a god he/she is sort of like a mother sending us off to preschool...she's made the preparations, found the right school to fit our needs, packed a lunch, chose an outfit, and then tapped us on the bottom and said goodluck...

my new blog is:

id hate to lose an unmet friend aswell :)

Jane said...

I still think you give your god a little too much credit.

Yes, agreed that a supreme being created and gave life but not so sure about the choas,randomness, and disorder...

We know I believe angels kiss. :)