Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life Is An Ass

Everyone is running around worried about life. Philosophers think about the meaning of life. Scientists stinker with life in an attempt to understand it / modify it / and hopefully not destroy it. Here’s life encapsulated and it is really quite simple like all things in life was meant to be:

Life is all about ass
You’re either covering it
laughing it off
kicking it
kissing it
busting it
trying to get a piece of it
behaving like one
living with one.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Three Universal Forces

There’re essentially three types of forces in this universe insofar as their construction is concerned. The commonest type of force is the one that can move outward in any direction at any angle. The best example is a bullet from a gun. You can fire a bullet in any direction and at any angle. Time is the next type of force. Time is a force that moves outward horizontally in only one direction. An example of a Time force is our getting older. That is Time moving in one direction outward or horizontally outward. Events are another example of a Time Force. Events or things that are happening can only move horizontally outward. You cannot reverse something that is an event. You cannot reverse an event even though you can make it appear that it never happened. If you make it appear that it never happened you simply have stopped it and made it appear that it never existed. The best example of this phenomena is cleaning up something that has been spilled. We cannot physically go backwards in Time nor can we change the angle of Time to travel in another direction. The third type of force is Gravity. Gravity operates perpendicularly from any surface because it tends to hold things in one place. Gravity is a weak force because if it wasn’t you and I couldn’t move or breath. Since Gravity tends to hold things in one place, we can say that a Gravity force operates in an inward direction to hold things / people still. The other two forces operate outwardly, one being a Time Force moving outward in a horizontal direction and most other type of forces operating outward in any direction that can’t be classed as a Gravity force.

Friday, September 22, 2006

God’s Universe

God is indeed wise and clever. He is the only god I know who has designed a system that applies equally to the universe and its’ occupants. Einstein said that nothing happens until energy moves. In our lives nothing happens until energy moves. Three aspects of energy affect your and my life. The first energy is the energy that exists in our 3 dimensions. The second energy is the energy that flows between Souls. The third energy is the energy that flows between God and you and I. There is a paradox about the 3 energies. We can expend great amounts of energy in our 3 dimensional existence to gain material things and love. While we expend these energies in 3 dimensions, the second and third energies that flow between Souls and God stops. In order to regain that flow between our Soul and God we must shut off our 3 dimensional expending of energy. That’s why God encourages us to shut our eyes and be silent when we pray. Perhaps it would be wise to just drop out and let things slide. God has anticipated that idea. He has added two spices called randomness and chaos. Most of us are familiar with randomness. That is the "something" that comes out of the blue and whacks us. An example of chaos is the sad fact that everything deteriorates over Time including the 3 dimensional you and I. This means that you and I must expend effort to remain stationary. Our Souls help us because our Soul has desire that makes our body strive to remain intact. We have an ego which is our concept of ourselves. An ego is also our Soul’s visualization of our 3 dimensional selves. Our Soul lets our body know what is expected through our mind. In essence, we are all rats on a treadmill. If we stop and take our eyes off the ball we forget why we’re pedaling. If we stop pedaling we are flung off the treadmill of life. Our Soul bakes us a cake whose ingredients are desire and ego. The cake is layered with Hope. Hope is that imaginary something that makes us believe that everything will work out. Hope is just on the horizon. Unfortunately, you never reach the horizon because the horizon keeps shifting around on the old ball of life. Around and around we go and where we stop nobody knows including us.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

God’s Duck???

This is a story about God’s Duck. Now I don’t know if you believe in God, God’s equivalent in your religion, or no supreme organizer at all. If not, just assume that this universe was created by something that chance or randomness can’t explain / accomplish on its’ own. Now in this story there is a fox and for the sake of argument he has done something mean. There is absolutely no doubt as far as this story is concerned. Now Einstein said "Nothing in this universe happens, unless energy moves." The foxes’ meanness has caused the energy to become unbalanced and as this universe runs order, chaos, restoration, the energy flow has to be restored. In summary then, this fox has a mean streak and because of the mean streak he really disturbs the energy balance in the universe which has to be rectified. Somewhere down the line of life the fox becomes caught in a trap. I come along. Now I sense that the fox has a mean streak and through my Self and my Mind I’ve no use for the fox and as far as I’m concerned he should get it in the neck. On the other hand in my Christian religion God said "Vengeance is mine". Your religion may have the equivalent. I’m, therefore, stuck with a problem. Am I God’s instrument of retribution or simply the first "duck" in God’s / your equivalent’s plan to start the foxes’ rehabilitation??????

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Soul Confusion

If you agree in principle, that everyone has a Soul then the question arises that if we clone a dead person do we also clone his / her Soul.??? Suppose for the sake of discussion that everything on this earth has a Soul. If true, we don’t always realize it because we can’t see the person’s / thing’s / animal ‘s / etc.’s Soul. If we cloned someone after death, while he / she may appear to be the original, he / she may not contain the original person’s Soul. That is something that only God can do or whatever is equivalent in your religion.

The ultimate question dear readers is this:

If one person and a perfectly duplicated person that was a perfectly duplicate functioning machine with all the other person’s characteristics, mannerisms, etc. stood in front of you how would you tell which one had a Soul if there were no readily discernible visual or intellectual clues?????