Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Soul Confusion

If you agree in principle, that everyone has a Soul then the question arises that if we clone a dead person do we also clone his / her Soul.??? Suppose for the sake of discussion that everything on this earth has a Soul. If true, we don’t always realize it because we can’t see the person’s / thing’s / animal ‘s / etc.’s Soul. If we cloned someone after death, while he / she may appear to be the original, he / she may not contain the original person’s Soul. That is something that only God can do or whatever is equivalent in your religion.

The ultimate question dear readers is this:

If one person and a perfectly duplicated person that was a perfectly duplicate functioning machine with all the other person’s characteristics, mannerisms, etc. stood in front of you how would you tell which one had a Soul if there were no readily discernible visual or intellectual clues?????

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