Wednesday, September 13, 2006

God’s Duck???

This is a story about God’s Duck. Now I don’t know if you believe in God, God’s equivalent in your religion, or no supreme organizer at all. If not, just assume that this universe was created by something that chance or randomness can’t explain / accomplish on its’ own. Now in this story there is a fox and for the sake of argument he has done something mean. There is absolutely no doubt as far as this story is concerned. Now Einstein said "Nothing in this universe happens, unless energy moves." The foxes’ meanness has caused the energy to become unbalanced and as this universe runs order, chaos, restoration, the energy flow has to be restored. In summary then, this fox has a mean streak and because of the mean streak he really disturbs the energy balance in the universe which has to be rectified. Somewhere down the line of life the fox becomes caught in a trap. I come along. Now I sense that the fox has a mean streak and through my Self and my Mind I’ve no use for the fox and as far as I’m concerned he should get it in the neck. On the other hand in my Christian religion God said "Vengeance is mine". Your religion may have the equivalent. I’m, therefore, stuck with a problem. Am I God’s instrument of retribution or simply the first "duck" in God’s / your equivalent’s plan to start the foxes’ rehabilitation??????

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Vanathi said...

I trust God Alex :)