Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Three Universal Forces

There’re essentially three types of forces in this universe insofar as their construction is concerned. The commonest type of force is the one that can move outward in any direction at any angle. The best example is a bullet from a gun. You can fire a bullet in any direction and at any angle. Time is the next type of force. Time is a force that moves outward horizontally in only one direction. An example of a Time force is our getting older. That is Time moving in one direction outward or horizontally outward. Events are another example of a Time Force. Events or things that are happening can only move horizontally outward. You cannot reverse something that is an event. You cannot reverse an event even though you can make it appear that it never happened. If you make it appear that it never happened you simply have stopped it and made it appear that it never existed. The best example of this phenomena is cleaning up something that has been spilled. We cannot physically go backwards in Time nor can we change the angle of Time to travel in another direction. The third type of force is Gravity. Gravity operates perpendicularly from any surface because it tends to hold things in one place. Gravity is a weak force because if it wasn’t you and I couldn’t move or breath. Since Gravity tends to hold things in one place, we can say that a Gravity force operates in an inward direction to hold things / people still. The other two forces operate outwardly, one being a Time Force moving outward in a horizontal direction and most other type of forces operating outward in any direction that can’t be classed as a Gravity force.

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