Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mind, Ego and Illusion

In 3 dimensions we exist in Mind, Ego and Illusion. Reality, is what we construct from Mind and Ego. Mind works from Memory which stores our life experiences and the results from our dealing with problems in different ways. Attitude is life’s screwdriver for tweaking things. Attitude has a habit of operating automatically without Mind if Ego sees a threat. Sometimes, we don’t recognize that we’re doing it. To add to the fun we live in a universe that cycles through order, chaos and restoration. Attitude frequently defines how we appear to others. It is a form of pure unconsciousness. What we have to strive for is a form of pure consciousness. Reminds me of a Star Trek episode. The villain had placed Captain Kirk and Spock in a situation in which they could only escape if they drained their mind of Reality because if they believed the bullets were "real" they were dead meat. Sort of reminds you of life. If you believe an Illusion is Reality than it becomes fact. Such is Illusion and Reality!!!!!

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Vanathi said...

Attitude changes constantly :)