Saturday, December 23, 2006


Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes you know why. Most times you don’t.

Sometimes someone truly does care for you in spite of the way you feel about yourself.

Sometimes someone hurts you. Just remember if you are walking with God and you and he are friends he’ll probably take care of the problem without bothering you about all the sordid details. Sometimes God won’t do anything because he drafts the hurter for one of his projects. Don’t pout. God’s projects are emotionally draining.

Sometimes knowledge is power. Most people don’t know how that knowledge is supposed to work.

Sometimes people have a devastating disappointment. Just remember it’s impersonal. Someone had to get it in the ear and today was your turn. Hey, who said examples always had to have gooooood results???????

Sometimes you may think that you can change another person’s thought processes, no matter how stupid they are.

Sometimes you are delusional in spite of our good intentions and good deeds!!!

Sometimes people drop the ball. Just remember balls bounce. The object of life is to catch it on the rebound and dribble the rest of your way through life using Kleenex on occasion!!!

Sometimes people can’t recognize their best interest. Don’t feel inferior. Best interest is never recognized until it’s gone.

Sometimes you may think that everyone else knows everything. Don’t panic we all lie to each other.

Sometimes someone is willing to share something with you that makes them extremely happy. Don’t flip out!!!! Sometimes the Fickle Finger Of Fate does smile on you!!!! Take advantage. Who knows if and when your turn will come again!!!!

Sometimes regret is something that doesn’t leave us and insists on following us everywhere we go. Just go out and purchase a smaller rear view mirror so regret has no room.

Sometimes we spend more time looking in the rear view mirror than looking through the windshield of life. Then when we crash into something we moan about it. Once you’re out of the hospital, don’t forget to stencil on the rear view mirror " Why the hell are you looking at me??????"

Sometimes in life there are options. Settling for less than you deserve is not one of those options.

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. This desire is accomplished by being happy, smiling, and being friendly. Most people don’t know how to handle happiness, smiling, friendliness. They associate these characteristics with stupidity and dopiness. People will tend to avoid you because it might be catching!!!

Sometimes you want people to be concerned about you. Project a down and out persona, with appropriate moaning and groaning. You will attract the do gooders and tree huggers. You may actually bond with some of them until a superior moaner and groaner appears on the horizon. Well, nobody said life was perfect !!!!!

Sometimes in life you suddenly realize that nothing is 100%. Don’t forget an executive is defined as someone who gets things right 51% of the time. Now why are you getting all hot and bothered?????

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