Monday, March 12, 2012

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Time in our universe is primarily used as a marker and travels forward / outward in one direction. Space in our universe is something we can travel through in all directions for any distance. In the quantum world, the situation is reversed. Space in the quantum world is like time. We can't travel through it, but it serves as a marker. Time, on the other hand, functions as space in the quantum world. Time in the quantum world has a concept called superposition. Superposition means that time can exist in all states. All states is a fancy way of saying that time in the quantum world can exist in all possibilities at the same time which includes all properties . All possibilities means past, present and future. All properties means all characteristics which we see in color or design or anything else you can dream up. Since space is only a marker in the quantum world, everything in the quantum world is like a cloud with no defined edges or center. Information / changes in the quantum world has to be made through time as space is only a marker . In order to pass information / changes time has a process called entanglement. If you do something to something here, it passes the changes to something there instantaneously as space is only a marker in the quantum world and not something to transverse . There is a third element which I call superlocation. Since space is only a marker, many things can exist at the same location because space is only a marker . Those somethings are anchored at that superlocation by quantum gravity . This happens because space doesn't physically exist in the quantum world so there isn't anything to anchor the somethings in that place through defined edges / dimensions. Dark Matter / Dark Energy is therefore really quantum gravity in disguise.

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