Thursday, March 01, 2012

Quantum Information

Einstein said that mass and energy were equal and were equivalent to each other . Energy can't be destroyed but energy can be converted to mass and mass can be converted to energy . The newest thing is quantum information and whether or not it can be destroyed . This is not an easy question to answer . For instance, you and I may speak different languages . If I can't read something in your language does that mean that the quantum information is destroyed ? If you or I are trying to learn a skill, the first thing is trying to learn the language in which that skill is written . Mathematics is an obvious example because it is full of symbols , procedures and language that has to be learned in order to understand it . Our world is full of different life forms . Each of these life forms have a different language that is used to communicate amongst themselves. Most of the time you and I don't have a clue about these languages . Does that mean that the quantum information is destroyed because we don't understand it and it has no discernible meaning for us ? Things happen to us in daily life . There is probably some quantum information to explain it , but most of the time , you and I think in terms of bad luck , random happening , or punishment for being bad commonly known as sinning . I can go on and on with examples, but you get the idea.

Quantum Information usually comes down to these three ( 3 ) things:

1. Structure or organization .

2. Meaning or relationships .

3. Statement / reflection of what is currently happening .

I think that mass, energy and quantum information is all energy in different forms . Anything that has mass or weight such as you, I or a building has energy . There may be some quantum particles that don't have a mass or weight but they may have quantum information which we don't yet understand . If we go back to your and my differing languages again, it is probable that you and I use different energies to express the same thought such as “ The car is red .” Information in our world is affected by the space we live in . For instance if you and I see an accident , your and my version of what happened may be different depending on our location in space and what we could see. Also due to the space we live in and the time difference / change between us and something happening, the quantum information reaches us at different times. There is also some suggestion that you and I are just holograms in a universe and are a projection that reflects our changes . Lastly , there is an uproar about black holes and their event horizon. It seems that if you fell toward a black hole event horizon, you would enter and leave your quantum information behind . This means in some circles that your quantum information has been destroyed. On the other hand, I think that as you go through the event horizon you change and your quantum information is changed to reflect your new condition. The quantum information left on the event horizon is really excess energy which dissipates over time because that energy exists in space . This dissipation is know as Hawking Radiation .

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