Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dark Stuff, Light Stuff & Lastly Strings

Space is composed of strings and strings are composed of dark matter, dark energy and dark force. Our seen universe is composed of light matter, light energy, and light force. Space is composed of dark matter in the form of strings which we can’t see but can experience. Strings also have dark energy which hold what we can see in position. The dark force stretches the strings, but it doesn’t stretch them evenly so over vast distances the galaxies seem to be accelerating from each other but it is only an illusion from our space viewpoint. The light force which we can see is gravity which allows us to move in our light space. Light force also causes entropy which is a gentle falling apart of light matter, light energy and light force which results in our ability to move, to transmit information and to deteriorate gracefully which we call aging. Dark force is equivalent to light gravity. Heavy dark forces are caused by the flexing of dark space strings. Heavy Light force is caused by matter moving at a velocity and acceleration. Light matter tends to contract when moving at a velocity or acceleration. This phenomena is not noticeable at low speeds. Space at high string speed tends to contract which we see as time dilation which occurs in Black Holes. All information about the black hole is in its’ event horizon because that is the border between light and dark. Our seen universe is based on the number 3, whereas dark space seen by us as time is based on 9. What we see as light is primarily space. What we see as dark is primarily time. More advanced civilizations have learned to connect light matter to dark space which means they can travel in time rather than space. Time has no dimension so there is nothing to transverse which results in everything being done instantly. That is why we can see what has happened astronomically speaking in the past when we look out into the heavens.

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