Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strings & Force

The universe is primarily organized around:

1. Particles, Objects, Events, Messages.
2. Strings
3. Frames

Particles, objects and events are rolled up strings whereas messages are unrolled strings containing frames. Particles, objects and events follow paths which are a form of strings. These strings form forces when they are angled, straight or curved.

The four fundamental forces of physics are:

1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism
3. Weak Nuclear Force
4. Strong Nuclear Force.

When particles, objects and events follow unorganized string paths you get random motion which is another form of probability, possibility and likelihood based on observed experience.

Frames are essentially a form of space / time. If the space dimension of a frame becomes curved while time remains straight it also curves the string paths of the particles, objects and events which is seen by us as gravity.

If inanimate strings containing particles such as electrons vibrate they create frames surrounding the strings which we see as electrical fields / waves and gravity which we call magnetism.

If animate strings vibrate which is primarily us than we get properties which we call personality and emanating waves we call charisma.

Physical chemistry is possible because the particle and object strings can be joined to form different particles and objects. This string force is stronger than gravity but not as strong as an electoweak force.

Biochemistry is possible because strings form bonds of varying strengths at angles which are readily rearranged by our bodies and allow us to live and function.

Weak nuclear interaction is associated with isotopes and beta decay which is a form of chaos or decay which we all experience at one time or another.

Strong nuclear force happens when the space in the frame is squeezed out and only time is left because it doesn’t have any space associated with it. In quantum theory only time is present although we like to think in terms of force in small spaces because that is the world with which we are familiar.

The fundamental forces are really just strings that are just space in one dimension and space / time when they form two dimensional frames.

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