Friday, October 08, 2004

One Of Life’s Nagging Questions

I got to thinking about Noah’s Ark this morning. The Christian Religion says Noah was told by God to gather all the animal pairs together and put them in an Arc because a gigantic flood was going to cover the earth. So far so good. I also have been reading a lot about the causes of homosexuality lately. It seems that contrary to popular belief homosexuality is not solely a lifestyle choice but rather the result of the wrong genes in the wrong place at the wrong time. Essentially the result of randomness which is a part of our existence. I also read somewhere that homosexuality is not confined to us as a species but also exists in the animal kingdom. I think it is about 10% of the population. Assuming God simply told Noah to gather all the animals in the Arc by a certain date and left it up to Noah to work out the details, then how did Noah select the animal pairs that had the inclination to reproduce???

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Jane said...

My older brother's name is noah.... Thanks for the birthday greetings the real day is monday

hope all is well