Tuesday, September 28, 2004

1, 2, 3 Personalities

I belong to the Christian Faith and in that Faith we are taught there is one God of the universe who has disclosed himself in three distinct personalities. They are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I’m not familiar with other faiths but maybe you have something equivalent based on the number 3. God the Father is usually seen as the Creator of the universe. God the Son is Jesus Christ .God is also the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can give us the ability to believe. God is the ultimate complicated Being to understand. God really doesn’t need us for his existence. God has an immense capacity for love and that is why you and I probably exist even though when push comes to shove we don’t deserve to be here. God the Son became human so we would have a three dimensional illustration of God. God the Son literally went through hell for us, died a horrible death and then rose again as a Soul to sit on the right hand of God. God the Son showed us what could be accomplished if we got a grip on ourselves and got down to work and quit fooling around. God the Spirit is the personification of God’s Love as demonstrated through his love and treatment of Jesus following Jesus’ 3 dimensional death. God the Spirit is the reality of God’s Love towards the Soul which is part of every living creature / thing in this Universe. I suspect when the rubber hits the road that God is us in disguise!!

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