Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I’m haunted by Art and believe me, I’m no artist!! I never got past the colours red, white, and blue, however, I must admit I finally managed to colour between the lines in about Grade 5 or 6. My current angst over Art started about 3 weeks ago when the Fickle Finger Of Fate got me sneakily standing in front of a portrait by an artist which was simply haunting. I read somewhere that portraits were the original camera or digital picture of a person or person(s) and it is certainly true if you happen to hit a first rate artist. If you have been reading my blogs you will notice that I have become rather obsessive about the number 3, so you will be relieved to know that I have got off that topic and moved on to numbers 1 and 2. The most famous portrait in the World is the Mona Lisa. 1 solitary image on a dark background!! In Art you could almost say that 1 represents the solitary that brings one’s soul into the painting to wonder about things that can only involve the soul and the speculative future. If we move onto 2 things such as a distant sail boat on a lake or ocean or a young girl staring out onto a lake we enter into a sort of intimacy. You have the same effect if you stand in front of a painting or sculpture of Christ on the Cross. 2 intimate things. You can’t help but be drawn in and become intimate with the painting or wonder what was going on in Christ’s mind at the time in a thoroughly intimate way!! It is probably the closest some of us will ever get to God in a personal, intimate way when push comes to shove or the old rubber has to hit the road. 3 things in a picture related to each other by the artist brings stability and by extension peace. The ultimate 3 or trinity, of course, is the painting, the artist and the viewer!!

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