Wednesday, September 22, 2004

God Does "Interesting"

In my Blog "Ain’t God Clever" I mentioned that in addition to Objects and Structures, God had to make life interesting or we would all get bored . God did "interesting" by inventing Time, Gravity, and Randomness. Universe Time never stops and moves only in one direction which is forward. You may stop doing something but that doesn’t stop the forward March Of Time. We all experience this phenomena in the workplace. This is why your Manager yells at you, along with your customers and other assorted Objects. Gravity is something that tends to keep things in place so Objects don’t go wandering off Willy Nilly. Do you remember the old phrase "Everything In Its’ Place and A Place For Everything" or "Neatness is close to Godliness." Typical motherhood statements used to restore order or what passes for it. Randomness is designed to keep things interesting. That is why we don’t know when the next set of truck headlights is due or when our favorite stock is going to tank. This is why nobody can "Time" the market accurately. This is why "Past Performance" is not indicative of future results. This phrase is usually applied to the Stock Market but also could be applied to certain situations after you marry, however, that is another Blog subject. If the Randomness Do Do starts it only lasts over about 3 cycles of things happening. There may be a problem with the length of Time associated with Random Do Do but it won’t be covered in this Blog.

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