Sunday, September 19, 2004

Ain’t God Clever

This universe seems to need 3 essentials. First of all we have objects which are like single particles. Objects can be constructed out of a lot of neat stuff and do interesting things. Something like you or me for example. The second thing is structures. Structures are needed because the Objects have to be put in, on, or close to something. The third thing is that you have to have something interesting going on or the Objects (you and me) will lose interest. This involves Free Choice and its’ downside, Randomness. If you have too much randomness then total chaos is the result. This means that have to have an Attractor that will bring Randomness back into line. The Attractor in this Universe seems to be 3. Most things that involve you and me doing stuff, the Arts such as painting, Work, or even Construction are based on the number 3. Even mathematics, based on the Power Of Three, is attracted back to 3 as I demonstrated in my Blog "God’s Favorite Number" as in (3X3X3 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9, 3X3 = 9, 3 is the square root of 9). Gee, ain’t God clever!! He has the KISS principle by using the smallest number to make the universe work, he has given us Free Choice, and lastly has given us 3 dimensions to give us lots of room to move in and do our own thing!! Then after all that, some of us Objects still say "God Doesn’t Exist." H-mmmmmmm.

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Jane said...

I read something about three's yesterday- i wish i remembered, any way I thought about you and your obsession with them... thanks for your comment, I have mostly only read early early literature and 19th century literature (save for those "young adult" books an Ian Mcwan book and Larry Mcmurtary- two very sexy novels, don't think I will be writing like that for a while, both were incredible though)...

take care