Friday, May 12, 2006

Life Is A Series of Now’s

The real world is assembled from slices of "Now" that are strung together on a gigantic string called your life just like a string of pearls. Occasionally people’s strings or pearls get entangled which can lead to solutions or problems. The Real or Now universe is based on the number 3 in one dimension or 9 in two dimensions forming a 3 X 3 Frame through which we view the world. The Devil, I’m told, goes with 666 as his symbol which is really 999 upside down. If you add the numerals in 999 (9+9+9 = 27, 2+7 =9) or 666 ( 6+6+6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9) it all comes down to 9 any way you slice it. You will see from this example that although we all have different objectives we are all basically 9’s and 3’s. The quantum universe, which no one can successfully imagine, is based on statistics. In other words you have an equal chance, statistically, of 3 states of confusion, a yes, a no, and a maybe. Maybe is the illusion that something might have happened but you aren’t sure. Something like meeting a gorgeous girl going down the street who seemingly smiles seductively at you. Did it actually happen (yes or no???) or are you hallucinating (maybe) ???? Quantum theory is based on strings because we can’t see the "Now’s" on the string. The way the "Now’s" vibrate on the string give it meaning. Socially, we intuitively understand strings. How many boys can gorgeous girl string together and make them all vibrate in interesting and provocative ways to give a relationship "form" and "meaning"??? Gorgeous girl can join her boy toy "strings" together and send out "waves" which "wash" over prospective suitors. Similarly various vibrating strings can come together and make waves like droplet particles of water falling from a faucet into a tub to give you a bath and waves in which to sail your toy boat. Perhaps this is the true meaning of love.

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