Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Quantum World In A Nutshell

In our everyday universe, we all have to travel through space to get from A to B. Our travel through space essentially involves our making a decision about:

1. Velocity
2. Acceleration
3. Trajectory ( direction ).

The quantum world doesn't require us to travel through space to get from A to B. To get around this problem, the quantum world uses a phenomena called entanglement. Entanglement is basically a reproductive mechanism which reproduces us / information from point A to point B's without travel through space being involved. Since travel through space isn't an option, entanglement reproduces us / information in all directions:

1. Past
2. Present
3. Future

In the quantum world, we can exist in all places at the same time, whereas in our everyday universe, we can only exist in all places at the same time through our imagination. This means that if we can exist in all places at the same time in a quantum world we can choose a preferred location from the locations generated by quantum entanglement, while our other selves choose their locations and proceed on their own paths and adventures.

Existing in all places at the same time, means that we are now subject to probability ( ½ ), possibility ( yes, no, maybe = 1/3rd ) and Likelihood ( 1/9 ( When does Time ( equal to 9 ) kick in ??? )).

Probability, possibility, and likelihood, in the quantum world relies on randomness for a decision. These random happenings in the quantum world appear in our familiar universe as bad or good luck. A probability, possibility and likelihood choice is also instigated as soon as we observe / try to measure the quantum world because we have to use energy in some form to do it.

In summary:

1. Entanglement
2. Probability, Possibility, Likelihood
3. Randomness / outside forces.

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