Friday, March 04, 2011

Energy / Time Theory

Space / Time generally means that you can't travel through space without traveling through time. Space in our universe is length, width and height. Time in our universe is a marked by a measure of time ( clock ) or a distance in time. Einstein extended this idea when he brought observation into the picture explaining what happened when two observers saw the same phenomena when either at rest or moving in the same frame or different frames. Later on, Einstein brought in his famous equation ( E = mc^2 ) which said that Mass and Energy were the same thing in different forms.

So in summary we now have:

1. Space / Time.
2. Mass / Energy.

But there is something missing and that is Energy / Time. Time and Energy don't contain any space. This may seem very hard to believe because if you and I look out a window we can see time and energy existing in various forms in space. In our world everything has the illusion of being solid simply because our eyes don't have the ability to see into the quantum world without assistance. Even if we could see into the quantum world, the information that we would gain would be very limited because our eyes run on photons for information and photons are so large that they can't always bounce off of what they hit and return to our eye. Sometimes the photons smother the quantum object which we want to see and therefore can't bounce back to our eye with information. It seems to me that in a quantum world all we have are strings which appear to us as Time and Energy. Strings do not contain space in the sense that strings have to travel through it in order to go from A to B. Rolled up Energy strings are a mass in our world and electron volts in a quantum world which we call atoms or particles because there isn't any space in a quantum world. Since the rolled up strings are flexed in a ball you get gravity without movement or inertia with movement. Also, the rolled up energy string ball we call Mass flexes the surrounding strings that aren't part of the ball thus creating gravity that distorts the path of passing photons causing things to appear to be elsewhere. Time is a unidirectional outward going string that doesn't react with the seen universe. Energy is also a string which when moving outward provides force, velocity and acceleration and when acting inward provides the strong and weak nuclear force depending on its' location. If the energy string flexes rapidly you get frequency or different property characteristics if associated with a mass ( energy string ball ). If you attempt to get information from the quantum world you are adding energy strings to it which affects what you are trying to measure or alternately changes its' characteristics ( properties ) so it now appears to be either a wave ( string ) or particle ( a ball of energy string we call a mass ). Since quantum space doesn't exist, how does Energy /Time work together ???? You can think of Energy, and Time as being parallel strings when they are quiescent in a quantum world. If you could see into a quantum world you would notice that the quantum world had areas of cloudiness which we call nuclear particles and atoms ( rolled up energy strings ). These nuclear particles and atoms are rolled up energy strings joined together by energy strings which we call the strong and weak nuclear force. There is no quantum space in the quantum world so everything is instantaneous because of the Time string which hasn't space. In addition because there isn't any space we measure energy in electron volts. An electron is a rolled up energy string with an electron charge on it. The Time string is rather unique. It doesn't have any space in the traditional sense, but the Time string is related to the number 9. The number 9 in the Time string can pop up at any time and so we can relate it to an infinite number of space measurements in our world.

Here's an example:

The common battery which you can readily buy at a store is 1.5 volts or 1.5 electron volts. If you put the 1.5 volt battery in something you will find that over time ( Time string ) it will cease to operate. If you measure the remaining voltage in the battery you will find it is approximately 1.34 volts. If you add the digits in 1.34 volts it will total ( 1 + 3 + 4 = 8 ). Adjust the number 8 so it can be subtracted from 1.34 volts ( 1.34 – 0.08 = 1.26 ). The value of the Time / Energy Frame is 1.26. Divide the Time / Energy Frame ( 1.26 ) by 9 which is the value of the Time String when it appeared ( how long did the battery last ??? ) ( 1.26 / 9 = 0.14 ). If you add ( 1.34 + 0.14 = 1.48 ) which is approximately 1.5.

You can see what happened, but it is an illusion because it actually happened in the quantum world where there isn't any ( quantum ) space. The most interesting thing of all is that probability is birthed in the quantum world when the Time String pops a nine and energy is released into the quantum world. This energy is seen by us as energy, action and events. There are many Time strings in the quantum world busy popping 9's at any time from our space / time perspective. Since the result of all this popping has to go somewhere in a quantum spaceless world we see the results as dark matter, dark mass and dark energy because we can't use our Space / Time to react with it. It is also interesting that our whole universe was created when one of the Time strings in the quantum world popped and didn't do what it was supposed to do.

So, in summary:

1. Space / Time.
2. Energy / Time.
3. Mass / Energy.

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