Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Theory Of Everything

The Theory Of Everything presupposes that there is one standard equation which when the right numbers are inserted, you have a mathematical explanation for everything. I think the one standard mathematical equation for the explanation for everything is the mathematical representation of a string. I'm not bright enough to write that equation, but I can tell you how the common string represents / can explain everything in our 4 dimensional universe as well as our quantum universe.

The basic construction of the universe in terms of a string is:

1. Energy
2. Mass
3. Time

If you hold out a piece of string in front of you, you will see that the string occupies space, but the string itself has no space because you can't stretch it. Einstein said that things occupy space, but space doesn't exist on its' own as a separate entity. If you try to stretch the string, you are applying an outward motion or force. Eventually, if you are strong enough, it will suddenly break and at the instance of the breakage, you will experience acceleration of the string. The string won't accelerate forever, but it will reach a constant speed which we call velocity ( distance / time ). Conversely, if you take a string and push it inward, you will see that you can't break it. This happens because the string on a quantum level is being held together by a strong nuclear force. Lastly if the string can be combined chemically to make something, then the new combination of whatever you are making is held together by the weak nuclear force on a quantum level. All this is energy in some form or another.

Mass is demonstrated by creating a ball of string. Each string in the ball of string is curved in some degree and not all of the strings are equally curved. A curved or flexed string represents gravity. This is why gravity is notoriously weaker than any other energy force associated with a ball of string. Also, since the curve in all the strings in the ball of string aren't exact you get a different gravity pull just like it happens on earth. Lastly, if you lay out a series of strings in any direction around the ball you will find that the strings surrounding the ball are generally curved representing the pull of gravity for anything traveling close to the ball of curved strings. Finally, if you could make the ball of curved string vibrate you could read its' characteristics. If you could make a string extended into space vibrate in a pattern you could transmit information at a designated frequency. This is the basis of electronics which uses a charged particle ( electron ) to vibrate its' string in a pattern which we call communication.

Time seems to me to be dark matter. It moves outward in one direction. We can't interact with it in terms of changing its' direction or stopping it. We also can't travel backward or forward along a string of time. You can think of Energy, and Time as being parallel strings when they are quiescent in a quantum world. If you could see into a quantum world you would notice that the quantum world had areas of cloudiness which we call nuclear particles and atoms. These nuclear particles and atoms are rolled up mass strings joined together by energy strings which we call the strong and weak nuclear force. There is no quantum space in the quantum world so everything is instantaneous because of the Time string which hasn't space. In addition because there isn't any space we measure energy in electron volts. An electron is a rolled up mass string with an electron charge on it. The Time string is rather unique. It doesn't have any space in the traditional sense, but the Time string is related to the number 9. The number 9 in the Time string can pop up at any time and so we can relate it to an infinite number of space measurements in our world.

Here's an example:

The common battery which you can readily buy at a store is 1.5 volts or 1.5 electron volts. If you put the 1.5 volt battery in something you will find that over time ( Time string ) it will cease to operate. If you measure the remaining voltage in the battery you will find it is approximately 1.34 volts. If you add the digits in 1.34 volts it will total ( 1 + 3 + 4 = 8 ). Adjust the number 8 so it can be subtracted from 1.34 volts ( 1.34 – 0.08 = 1.26 ). The value of the Time / Energy Frame is 1.26. Divide the Time / Energy Frame ( 1.26 ) by 9 which is the value of the Time String when it appeared ( how long did the battery last ??? ) ( 1.26 / 9 = 0.14 ). If you add ( 1.34 + 0.14 = 1.48 ) which is approximately 1.5.

You can see what happened, but it is an illusion because it actually happened in the quantum world where there isn't any ( quantum ) space. The most interesting thing of all is that probability is birthed in the quantum world when the Time String pops a nine and energy is released into the quantum world. This energy is seen by us as space, energy, action and events. There are many Time strings in the quantum world busy popping 9's at any time from our space / time perspective. Since the result of all this popping has to go somewhere in a quantum spaceless world we see the results as dark matter, dark mass and dark energy because we can't use our Space / Time to react with it. It is also interesting that our whole universe was created when one of the Time strings in the quantum world popped and didn't do what it was supposed to do.

So, in summary:

1. Space / Time.
2. Energy / Time.
3. Mass / Energy.

It's interesting that Einstein proved that Mass / Energy were the same thing and that Space / Time are related. Since Time has the common value of 9 in the quantum world it seems that Space / Time and Energy / Time are the same thing since both can be divided by Time which has the same value ( 9 ).

So, once again:

1. Space
2. Energy
3. Mass

are three peas in the same pod called Time whose value is 9.

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