Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pity, No Quantum Space

Quantum Space doesn't exist. Mass, Time and Energy doesn't contain any space. This may seem very hard to believe because if you and I look out a window we can see mass, time and energy existing in various forms in space. In our world everything has the illusion of being solid simply because our eyes don't have the ability to see into the quantum world without assistance. Even if we could see into the quantum world, the information that we would gain would be very limited because our eyes run on photons for information and photons are so large that they can't always bounce off of what they hit and return to our eye. Sometimes the photons smother the quantum object which we want to see and therefore can't bounce back to our eye with information. It seems to me that in a quantum world all we have are strings which appear to us as Mass, Time and Energy. Strings do not contain space in the sense that strings have to travel through it in order to go from A to B. Rolled up strings are a lump or mass. Since the rolled up strings are flexed in a ball you get gravity. Also, the rolled up string ball we call Mass flexes the surrounding strings that aren't part of the ball thus creating gravity that distorts the path of passing photons causing things to appear to be elsewhere. Time is a unidirectional outward going string that doesn't react with the seen universe. I sense that Time is really dark matter, dark energy, and dark force which is pulling our universe outward and as dark matter, provides extra drag to the seen universe. Energy is also a string which when moving outward provides force, motion and acceleration and when acting inward provides the strong and weak nuclear force depending on its' location. If the energy string flexes rapidly you get frequency or different property characteristics if associated with a mass ( string ball ). If you attempt to get information from the quantum world you are adding energy strings to it which affects what you are trying to measure or alternately changes its' characteristics so it now appears to be either a wave ( string ) or particle ( ball of string or mass ). Since quantum space doesn't exist, you have spooky ( instantaneous ) action at a distance because neither Quantum Energy nor Quantum Time have to travel through space to go from A to B. In summary, if you are trying to understand anything quantum the prime thing to remember is that anything quantum doesn't have to go through space first to accomplish something so everything is instantaneous and immediate and hence spooky action at a ( time ) distance.

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