Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Time, Space, Gravity, Motion

We generally think of space, gravity, and motion as being variable, whereas time is physically invariable and unidirectional. Time is variable and directional from a thinking and philosophical viewpoint, because we can think of our past experiences in terms of time and imagine traveling back and forth in time. If we could exist in a black hole, it is generally thought that time would no longer be physically invariable and unidirectional. If you agree with this premise it stands to reason that Time must have a physical form even though in our everyday existence Time is invariable and unidirectional. Einstein said that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing ( E = mc^2 ). It is generally accepted that large masses will bend light ( photons ). Einstein has also said that large masses curve space which is why planets have orbits. If large planets will curve space it tends to reason that space must be something physical although we don’t see space physically. If you think about it the only thing that time and space could be is unseen strings as in String Theory. Einstein has developed the concept of Space / Time and if Space / Time are strings then they must be mathematically related. If Space / Time were a ratio ( Space divided by Time ), then one would be a fraction of the other. Since Time marches on at a steady pace it would be the denominator and space would be the numerator. The ( Space / Time ) ratio would be the curvature of the space in time and if still, would appear to us as gravity. If the ( Space / Time ) ratio was in motion the curvature of the space would change therefore creating the illusion of motion / acceleration when force in the form of energy or its’ equivalent mass was added.

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