Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weak & Strong Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism & Gravity

It all has to do with spaceless strings. Mass, Time, & Energy are spaceless strings in various disguises. If we look at a ball of yarn we can see that the yarn is made up of rolled strings of yarn. The rolled strings of yarn are flexed into a circle or volume and as the rolled strings of yarn aren't moving they are the equivalent of ( yarn ) gravity. This principle applies to every particle in the universe irrespective of what we call it. Time is essentially a dark spaceless string which we label as dark matter, dark energy and dark mass depending on how we see it at the time. Time doesn't react with anything in our world as it moves outward in a unidirectional direction. The Energy string has various disguises. The tip of the string is where we measure velocity and acceleration. If the energy string is flexing rapidly, we label what is happening as frequency which is usually caused by the vibration of string fields surrounding the electron agited by electricity and driven by magnetism and called electromagnetism. The Strong Nuclear Force is the force of an unbroken spaceless string acting inwardly towards its' center thus holding one single atom together which can't be broken unless extreme measures are used. The weak nuclear force is the spaceless string between the cloud of energy ( atoms ) and the cloud of energy ( electrons ) which counteracts its' orbital force.

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