Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quantum Valentines & Quantum Entanglement

I got to thinking of old girlfriends on Valentines day. Since I don't know where they are and due to present long term commitments due to unthoughtout and unappreciated consequences of promises, I can only use my imagination. Without getting into religion or atheism, it seems to me that whomever or whatever designed this universe gave us an outstanding gift when she gave us imagination. Imagination in our mind, occupies our Time, Energy, and Space for thinking time. Einstein once made the comment that Space doesn't exist unless something expands into it. While sitting here, churning my brain, it suddently occurred to me that I may be occupying my space, but I wasn't occupying her space as I wasn't extending my presence into it according to Einstein. I was however, involving Time and Energy which from a quantum viewpoint doesn't have any space associated with it. Now imagination can make anything seem real and imagination can construct all kinds of theories but just like my quantum valentine it has nothing to do with the real world or what passes for it. If Time and Energy in the quantum world have no associated space, then it seems to me that quantum entanglement would be instantaneous since no space travel is involved since quantum space doesn't exist on that level. Similarly Energy on a quantum level has no associated space, so if we measure something on a quantum level we are either adding energy or taking away energy from the quantum thing. Also when we add or subtract energy from the quantum thing, we change its' form so we get particle and wave debates. If you remember that anything quantum has no space, when you study something of a quantum nature, you will soon see that a lot of it makes sense.

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