Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sometimes in life you read something / see something / something happens that hints about your future. I suspect it is The Second Lady giving you a hint. Since Free Choice exists in this universe you’re free to do what you want including being asleep at the switch. Sometimes The Second Lady isn’t prepared to take "no" for an answer and pounds you until you get with the program. In this latter case you can be in for something that is all consuming, definitely fun, and nerve wracking. The Second Lady isn’t going to let any of the participants in this adventure get hurt but there may be periods of angst because not everything is as it seems. If it should happen to you, you’re in for a breathtaking awesome adventure if you can manage to hang on through the twists and turns!!!!


Jane said...

She's a tricky one that Second Lady... I am so curious you Alex are more of enigma than me! What have you read/seen/experianced that makes you see the future?

When this happens sometimes it is mostly the air for me, that sense of natural freedom or it's like there is a flower trying to burst through my sternum.


Kate Da Great! said...

Lol Alex, u can't get rid of me thatttt easily

I just left my school, thats say now i need my blog more than ever!

In my experience, whatever is supposed to happen will happen...thats not to say we don't have a choice. I've given it long hard thought and I think that we do have a choice, but only one tiny ally way can take us away from what we're supposed to be. it all comes full circle...if that makes any sense....all roads end up in the same place, it just depends on whether u take the freeway or the scenic route.