Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ole Holla

My dear Ole Granny has asked me to blog some information on her business. You don’t know my Granny, but she operates a micro brewery commonly know in the 1920’s - 1930’s as a Still. Granny may be old but she sure is up to date. She was at the hair dressers the other day and was reading one of them there dating magazines. Granny is in the market so to speak seeing that Grandfather has been dead for nigh on 40 year and Granny ain’t had no action!! Anyway back to the story!! Granny was reading that the new thing is to go to one of those dating parlors and interview a potential mate in 10 minutes and then rotate to the next one. Granny tell me that if it takes 10 minutes you aren’t focused on the problem!! Granny being a progressive business woman suddenly had a brain wave!! She got to wondering what would one do if you interviewed someone, rejected him or her and then had a change of heart?? Granny realized that you have to have courage to go back and a little liquid courage is not out of line in the dating context. Granny got to thinking and she suddenly realized her booze business could be expanded through the development of a drink called "Ole Holla". Granny is also good at marketing. Since you want to appear "natural" in the dating scene she thought the marketing tag line should be a "Holla back guy" or a "Holla back gal". In fact, Granny say the more Holla you do the more action you get. Granny tell me she shore does appreciate my help as she ain’t into that sort of thing but business is business!!

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