Thursday, January 13, 2005

Three Really Scary Things

Everyone has things in life that really scares the bejabbers out of them. Most of these fears involve the physical you and very seldom involve your soul. In fact lots of people don’t think they have a soul because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with their three dimensional life. Oh sure, if you are active in a religion there is talk about saving your soul but that is where it begins and ends. Nothing is concrete. Most people couldn’t even write a description of their soul. Acquaintances and friends involve the physical you and your soul involves your soulmate. This is why a lot of relationships begin and end with "Let’s Be Friends" or its’ variation because your two mysterious individual souls have no common ground. You have a symbiotic relationship between your physical body and your soul. Neither can exist in this Vale Of Tears without the other. Your soul exists forever and your physical body exists for about 78 to 84 years on average. You don’t know where the soul lies because your 3 dimensional persona has no relationship to your soul except that they occupy the same relative space. Your timeless soul is being carried around by your body. Everyone modifies their body and / or attitude to cope with their adventures / life experiences but nothing is done about your soul. There are, perhaps, three really scary things in life:
1 Getting married to someone who you don’t know beyond a physical description and some soul guesswork.
2 Being faced with the real possibility of dying.
3 Looking into someone’s eyes, suddenly seeing their soul and realizing you have absolutely no control over the process.
I have experienced that out of control / scared feeling when I have eyeballed someone, friend or stranger, and suddenly realized that I’m looking at a timeless soul. I immediately turn away because it could be extremely embarrassing if the other person picked up what was happening. The opening of a soul is why sometimes it's the hardest looking into someone’s eyes that you love or even someone you don't. If their eyes are open at the same time it's almost as if you both know that something behind your eyes is out of your control and by inference one of the scariest processes you can endure. It is sort of like looking into the windows of the eye and seeing a small infinitesimal hint of God’s power. It is times like this that I definitely feel that I don’t ever want to piss off God let alone have him / her really get mad at me!!!

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