Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Would You Marry This Man ?????

1 No visible means of support.
2 Travels the country with a group of men and one woman of questionable virtue.
3 Sponges off strangers who always seem willing to give him a night’s lodging.
4 Seems to be illiterate as he never writes anything down.
5 Likes to give speeches that attracts crowds.
6 Has the ability to do tricks.
7 Speaks of my house but never gives the location.
8 Talks of things to come but it all seems to be pie in the sky.
9 Gave up a perfectly good career to wander around the country.
10 The perfect con man. Seems to be able to talk people into anything.
Who is this man???? Jesus Christ!! God just has to have a sense of humour!!!

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