Sunday, January 16, 2005


I’ve a new appreciation of anyone that has to grind out 1200 words a day and still manages to get paid for it!!
My observation is that most people who occupy the center of the old Bell Curve can summarize their lives in about 3 e-mails that are each ½ a page in length. I’m one of those dull people in my three dimensional existence. The problem with blogging is that it is an open forum that anyone can read. There is a possibility that someone might read your blog and know you. If this happens you are then forced to explain something that you thought was brilliantly written at the time but makes absolutely no sense now. Therefore you have a choice. You can write about how many times you did this or that or take a flyer and write from the soul. I prefer the soul route. That way, I can write about anything that interests me and not have to run the risk of having to explain anything to anyone which I appear to be doing right now. I also have to have standards which can generally be summed up as not bringing any harm to anyone. Although I’m dull, I still like to find thoroughly intellectually interesting people that are full of fun in spite of any adventure involving them at the moment!! I guess hope springs eternal!! I’ve a philosophical and psychic bend mixed with a dry sense of humor. I also have the ability to sometimes "sense" people. Fortunately, I’m sufficiently dull that if anyone tripped over me I still wouldn’t be noticed!! If, on the other hand, we eyeballed each other and had a soul experience it would be interesting to say the least!! I can’t actually see anyone’s soul in terms of being able to describe it. I just have the ability to sometimes look through the door. It’s a powerful experience and is very close to seeing the face of God. It usually scares the hell out of me. I always turn away before the other person realizes what is happening. This life may not be much in terms of what people call success but at least I know what I’ve got!! (:-p)

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