Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Substance Of Being

One of the questions that has intrigued me over the years is whether or not The Second Lady told her son that he was destined to die on the Cross. Death on the Cross was an extremely long lasting and extremely painful way to go. The process was reserved for those that the administration didn’t particularly like and was used to demonstrate to the rabble that you had better mind your P’s and Q’s. Yes, I know it is popular to say that The Second Lady doesn’t exist and her son didn’t walk this earth. Her son is generally portrayed as a namby pamby that wasn’t macho and generally went around sponging off friends and strangers. He had no visible means of support and as we would say today no fixed address. He also had a motley group of friends with dubious backgrounds. He never wrote anything down that lasted. He definitely wasn’t a "catch" for any lady. I suspect that her son was told exactly what was going to happen. I also believe that her son was the most macho man that ever existed. I mean, how many of us could handle it if we were told what was going to happen to us and that it wasn’t going to be pleasant???? The whole point of The Second Lady’s son’s existence was to demonstrate the concept of "love". Love, in its’ pure unadulterated form is a you - you symbiosis. Each person in the relationship is willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the other, no questions asked, no demands made, no pre-conditions. It is the antithesis of Mother Nature’s Survival Imperative. Love is something that goes against the grain of logic. Anyone that is in love is wacko. Ultimate Love does exist and it is the most intoxicating, long lasting "something", that Just Is. Love is The Substance Of Being.. The Substance Of Being is Love and it is the only thing in this universe that makes it go tickety poo.

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ZeeArcTune said...

I don't think she really had a grasp on the prophetic scriptures. I think J.C. had to break the news for her. The greatest love of all will always be a sacrificial love. Lucky for us who accepted him as our whippin boy. But then of course that placed him completely in charge.