Thursday, September 29, 2005


Sometimes you’re chosen through circumstance. Sometimes no one wants it and you’re better than nothing. Sometimes you run for the position. Running for leadership is no time to discuss complicated problems in any detail. You need a jazzy 30 second sound bite. It would also be nice if you had a catchy phrase that encapsulates something that is part of the voter’s being. For instance, "Family Values" is good. Everyone has "Family Values" and everyone can fill in their personal bias as to what it means. Leadership demands that you make promises. The promises have to be vague like "Improve your circumstances." It is asking for disaster to have a specific promise like "Lower your fuel bills". If you are someone who really likes to tempt the Fickle Finger Of Fate put a date on when this is to happen!! No one, not even psychics, can nail down future events to the minute!! The Fickle Finger Of Fate does exactly what she feels like doing, whenever, which means that the future events seen before an election are not exactly the future events after an election. Would you run a train off the tracks in order to keep a promise and by implication, also save your integrity??

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shyloh said...

As the world turns. So be it those who are trapped in the world of illusions. I don't vote by the way. I will once you run! Then you have my vote. Email me as let me know when ok?

psychics are pretty good at what they do but you are correct.

Whan working in investigations they always came up with something. But never nailed it. So I was able to keep my job. (smile) Yes, I went from Private investigations to healing go figure!

This was good alex. (smile)