Thursday, September 15, 2005

Love Triangle

The people in our lives can be classified in 3 categories, acquaintances, friends and soulmates. The acquaintances are those people that you perceive to have a personality about one or two notches above a brick wall. Friends come down to 3 basic subcategories, friend, friend with benefits, and any adjective friends. When we are young and filled with lots of hormones the territorial imperative tells us to reproduce our kind. This means young love is primarily a 3 dimensional experience which revolves around gorgeous bodies, smart cars, and financially rewarding jobs. There isn’t anything wrong with this setup except that it won’t last because of the trinity of randomness, order and chaos in our world. The presence of chaos means that no matter how much we try to bring order to our body it soon deteriorates beyond repair. There is also a possibility when you married your best guess, your souls were incompatible and you had no common long term interests. Time advances, your body start to go, sex disappears and to top it off your souls are acquaintances!! It is then that you realize that true love is based on an amalgamation of 3 things, people, common interests, and souls or in other words your garden variety love triangle!!


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shyloh said...
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shyloh said...

Hello Alex, thank you for the visit.
Nice article here on "LOVE."
I don't like any of the 3 combo's you mentioned haha.

Aloha to you. Life just is. IS!!!