Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Life Is (A) Stool

Life is built on 3 legs of (a) stool. The first being religion, the second science, and the third life force. Right now a lot of people are in a period of restlessness. This restlessness has a lot of specific names such as stress, me first philosophy, general dissatisfaction, etc.. Frequently, we get involved in power struggles, or mind games. If we win we feel better as we have absorbed part of someone else’s life force. If we lose, we feel like stool because they have absorbed some of our life force. It stands to reason that there is only so much life force floating around that we can absorb from someone else. The other problem is that we screw up our personal Time String which has to be strong to work efficiently. Our Time String brings good things into our life if we exclude the effects of randomness which hits everyone once in a while. The Time String also attracts events, usually in groups of 3, over relatively short periods of Time. The trick is to attract good events which is easier said than done. We all run into negativity all the time. Some people say we shouldn’t be doing this or that because we are wasting time. Others say they won’t read our blogs. Some criticize us for some other perceived shortcoming. My readers, this is all bullshit designed to absorb your life force. The trick is to turn the other cheek attached to your face rather than the one attached to your bum. In fact it is better to abandon all negative cheekiness!! If you add a smile during cheek turning this will drive them nuts overall and specifically / disorganize their life force / create anxiety / crisis of confidence in them / thereby getting them off your back!! If you adopt these principles then you will find that your life "is" rather than "isn’t"!!


shyloh said...

Hello Alex,

Now you are speaking karma here.
Our thoughts are very important. We are what we thing. And what we thing of others. A mirror effect if you will. "Judge not by appearances" for if you do, it will come back on you.

Well, ok me too ha. It's how it works in this crazy little world we live in call the "ego mind"


Aloha to you.

Jane said...

wonderful :)

shy said...

YIKES, I came back to read this again. and ohmygod, look at all my typo's. Geesh. haha I am known as the typo queen. Sorry about that. After reading this again I am going to start checking my "STUFF"

smiling anyway.

The Fool said...

When I saw the title "Life Is A Stool" I was going to jump in enthusiastic agreement. But as I read further I realized that you were talking about another kind of stool. *drum roll please* But seriously, you have a an interesting way of dissecting reality. If I were to call you a Cartesian I think I wouldn't be far off. You have some interesting observations and I'd like to see more. Keep on observing and trying to figure out this big machine we call the universe.