Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Truth Is Perception & Perception Is Truth

I’ve been watching the result of Hurricane Katrina on television. I don’t know who is right or wrong. All I can say is in the age of mass communication it comes down to "Truth Is Perception & Perception Is Truth". There once was a famous successful business leader who said to his executives: " I don’t care how you get there, or how hard you worked or what problems you had, I just want a successful bottom line on the due date." It seems to me that all I’m seeing on TV is a bunch of well bathed, coiffured people that aren’t sweaty and don’t stink telling me with a sincere, earnest face and some well chosen, soothing words that they are going as fast as they can and doing all they can do so in essence get off my back. I particularly like the ones that say "They are praying" and "Understand my pain". I sincerely hope that the ones that are praying have a better "in" with God than I as I’d sure like to see some results!! We are then shown a contrasting clip of hungry, sweaty people of color with no change of clothing existing in conditions which would lead to your and my immediate arrest and imprisonment if our farm animals were found in those conditions. I don’t know about you, but to me this type of leadership is not a confidence builder. I shutter to think that the world is relying on us as the last functional superpower to keep them out of trouble. To be fair, I can’t get too mad at our leaders because they are no more incompetent than anyone else in an executive position that can’t handle unusual problems in an efficient manner. For the first time in my life I fall down on my knees each night and thank God with all my heart that he loves us sufficiently to save us from our own stupidity!!

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