Sunday, September 18, 2005

One Of Life’s Little Conundrums

If God is all powerful and all seeing then she knows what is going to happen. If you agree with that statement then there isn’t any Free Will but there is Predestination. It follows that if there is Predestination then you and I cannot be held responsible for something over which we have no control / say in the matter. Consequently it would seem to me that all of us are going to heaven no matter what happens.


shyloh said...

Where is there to go when "heaven" is within? We or our ego minds live in duality. Duality is the knowing of good and evil. In my World, there is no such thing. All just "is" but you know this about me (smile)

There is no birth, nor death only life. We are that Life that one and only as in I am that I am. I am typing this only to myself. For there is only me.

Take care Alex my dear friend.

Jane said...

I think there is a definite ending, a start and an end but the rest is up to us... God has very loose plans I feel... We put it into action but certain things maybe predestined and may not be. Yet, I believe everything happens for a reason but I feel that is different then predestination...

rhein said...

Destiny, hmm. God gave us the free will that puts destiny in motion.

stella said...

and signs and messages to help us along the way, sometimes.

i get lost easily.

curious servant said...

There can be omniscient (knowing what will happen) and still be free will.

The reason we have difficulty seeing this is that we are on the inside of this paradox and unable to see it all. (In other words we lack omniscience.)

Here is a possible way to explain it (though not the only one). What if time is three dimensional. We see it as one dimensional, a steady traveling in the direction of entropy. And that makes sense since our bodies consume energy and rearrange it in accordance of such physical laws.

But what if there is a being that is able to see time three dimensianlly. A second dimension of time would allow a viewer to pause, move away, and move toward the observed usinverse. It would permit a parallel track to time as well.

A third dimension of time would allow a viewer to move above, and below time. To step outside of all the constraints of the universe and see how it all turns out. This does not mean that things are predestined. Just that someone can know the outcome of all the choices individuals will make throughout the existence of all things.

Just a thought.