Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Ms.’s Plan

When God created the inhabitants of this earth she had to give them something to do. She came up with the idea of having all the religions built on a book of core principles and illustrative stories to give the inhabitants an idea as to what was expected and to get them started. She decided to let the inhabitants work out the details for each specific life case and circumstance using the core principles and illustations as a guideline. This challenge to the inhabitants was the basis for the saying "The Devil is in the details.". Since travel and communication were limited in terms of time and space that could be covered at once, she was forced to organize circumstances in different parts of the world to get the word out through a variety of people and seemingly natural events in different places. To keep things from becoming boring, she added randomness, order and chaos as spices to the mix. God, besides having to give the inhabitants something to do, also had to put together systems so the universe would function efficiently. After Religion became chaotic as I outlined in "The Magic Box", the Scientific Method was invented and was based on the testing of an idea using methods that could be duplicated to come to a conclusion and then publishing that conclusion. This need to publish invented the concept of media because various people started to comment on the ideas being published and proven. They then extended this concept to anything that couldn’t necessarily be proven and might even be objectionable for one reason or another to some people. Finally, we reach blogging. For the first time in history, the ordinary people that aren’t going to be missed by the world at large when they die, can express their opinion worldwide for very little money. The ultimate Ms.’s Plan.


everythingisart said...

I like your ideas on how things came to be!

rhein said...

interesting blog:).