Thursday, April 14, 2005

We’re All Puppets On A String

Here’s the poop on what happened when the bubble burst creating our universe. Before the Big Bang, there was Pure Time. Pure Time consisted of Back and Forth or Directional Time, along with Space, Force and Energy rolled into a coiled spring. Pure Time, at the moment of the Big Bang, unfurled into layers or strings of Forward Directional Time, and back and forth Space, Force, Energy into our 4 directional universe. Directional Time, Space, Force, Energy became separate layers or strings in our universe with interconnecting ranges and mathematical relationships. We can visualize the opposite direction of Time or negative direction of Time as "yesterday" but can't physically travel in that direction. The "Holes of Creation" didn’t seal after Creation. Pure Time, which is on the other side of the "Holes Of Creation" , allows everything to exist without change and at the same time. Pure Time is the basis of Christianity’s concept of God, Eternity and Heaven because nothing deteriorates and lasts forever. Conceivably anything can exist behind the "Holes of Creation". If our universe was perfect we would have Pure Time which would allow us to be everywhere at once and see everything at once as well as enabling us to go backwards and forwards time wise. This means that as the "Holes Of Creation" were never "sealed" after the Big Bang we have the ability to see behind the open "Holes of Creation" on a quantum level. Any generated "ripple" seen on our side which "penetrated" the "Holes Of Creation" on a quantum level would send "Properties" of the other side's disturbance through to us. We would see these "Properties" as various quantum effects and "strangeness". We can't explain some of the weird effects because some of the foreign "Laws" on the other side of the "Holes of Creation" don't change immediately at the entrance to our universe. The most fascinating part is that we are all living on interconnected layers of Time, Space, Force and Energy. Truly we are all puppets on a string!!!

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