Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We’re All Groovy

Most of us know when something involving Time starts and stops. Sometimes we know exactly when and other times we know approximately when. Time seems to move in a straight line in an outward direction in our universe. Time takes energy from existing systems and uses that energy to expand. This is why we are born young in relatively good shape and then grow old and decrepit over Time. Everything deteriorates in this universe over Time. Time must be everywhere because none of us can escape its’ effects. Time seems to have only have one dimension because we can only measure it in terms of starting at one point and ending at another point. Time seems to have gravity associated with it because we can’t escape it. Time being one dimensional doesn’t vibrate because it is missing a vertical dimension in which to vibrate. This fact raises an interesting question. Our galaxies should be falling apart because there isn’t enough observable mass in them to produce the observed spin. There must be something out there that we can’t see and that something is layers of non-vibrating Time holding the Galaxies together. Time Layers are similar to the tectonic plates on earth that carries the continents and oceans around on earth. Einstein mentioned that planets and everything else in this universe warps the layers of Time creating warped Space or Space Time. Thus in the final analysis we are all groovy!!!

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