Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How God Pushed Her Pencil

There is an old saying that "The Devil Is In The Details". What this means is that while it is nice to say "I’m going to be a billionaire by the age of 20" there is a main problem as to how you plan to make this statement a reality. Hence "The Devil Is In The Details". One of the more interesting problems in cosmology is the value of Gravity in a layer of Time that doesn’t vibrate because it only has 1 dimension. Nobody has been able to find a value through experimentation / observation. Fortunately, for us, God didn’t simply dump us into this universe without a few hints if we are willing take the time to use the old noodle to figure things out. My posting on "God’s Favorite Number" established that it was 137. I’ve also posted that "This Universe Was Brought To You By The Number 3. The base for the Natural Logarithms is 2.718281828 and Pi is 3.141592654. Both these numbers are "almost 3" and definitely indeterminate because of how they are calculated. In my posting "We’re All Groovy" I postulated that 1 dimensional Time had to have Gravity as it was dragging the Universe apart on tectonic Time plates . To take it one step further Time may be the Dark Matter that we can’t find because Dark Matter doesn’t vibrate which is our usual method of detecting something. Gravity can’t be a big number because you and I wouldn’t be able to move on the tectonic plate. The Natural Logarithm is always being multiplied by itself to come up with a number. When you put it all together Gravity has got to be 1/EXP(137) or 3.17435854 E -60. You will notice that the number 3.17435854 alone is very close to Pi (3.141592654) which is another hint. Both the digits in 3.17435854 and 3.141592654 total 40. If we add (4 + 0) we get 4 and the 4th dimension is Time.

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